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Automatic Pool Covers- Tips For Use and Special Safety Memo

Bob Russell | April 16, 2014 in Equipment maintenance,Pool,Pool equipment,Pool safety,Pool Service | Comments (0)

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Pools Are Fun! Great Exercise! Wonderful For Family… and… They Require:


“Layers of safety”

The news out of Indiana this weekend was awful. Twin girls wandered into the neighbor’s yard and drowned in their pool.

It wasn’t a “normal” drowning – the pool was covered. Unfortunately, the cover was full of rainwater.

In the pool business we are trained to think in terms of, “layers of safety. As professionals we train pool owners to also think this way- to not rely on one thing,  because things can go wrong, systems can fail- a terrible reminder of this is the news of the loss of these beautiful 2-year-old girls.

Pool covers are considered a reliable safety barrier- a layer of protection;  but they can fill up with rainwater. Unfortunately, in 2011, Indiana decided that an automatic pool cover served as an adequate stand-alone barrier.

In Connecticut, an automatic pool cover does NOT satisfy the barrier code. Pools in our state require a barrier- such as a fence- the code is very strict on how such barriers are constructed.  Here is a link for summary of CT pool barrier code.

Swimming pools – part one.pdf

Automatic Pool Covers

The automatic pool cover is a very popular feature in the Northeast; and for good reasons:

  1. Covers increase efficiency and save on operation costs by containing heat; preventing water and sanitizer loss.
  2. Covers keep pools cleaner than uncovered pools.
  3. Automatic covers can extend the length of the “normal” pool season (for reasons cited above).
  4. Covers offer a layer of safety.

The Layer Of Safety That Every Pool Requires

Adult / professional supervision remains the #1 requirement for reducing or eliminating swimming pool accidents.

In the case of an automatic pool cover, the manufacturer recommends having a system in place to keep rain water pumped off. In Connecticut, a cover without water on top is not enough- there must also be a barrier. For some, this is not enough and a gate alarm might be installed on the barrier. Professionals think in terms of layers of protection. I highly recommend for YOUR peace of mind, that you employ an expert in the field to discuss and review these things. One should enjoy their swimming pool and not feel fear or anxiety over safety.

Remember, in Connecticut, to hire a licensed pool professional.

For further reading, visit the APSP, NESPA or CONSPA websites and locate the excellent literature available. I recommend “Layers Of protection” and “Children Aren’t Waterproof.”


Enjoy your swimming pool!