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Preparing For Sandy

Bob Russell | October 26, 2012 in Pool,Pool chemicals,Pool safety,Pool Service,Uncategorized,Winterize | Comments (0)

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Preparing For Sandy

Seems like only a short while ago we were preparing for and cleaning up after Irene.

As a Pool Owner, here are some things you should know in a short check list format:

1) Secure deck furniture.

2) Automatic pool covers- Sandy is being called a “Superstorm” because she is merging with a winter storm as she chugs up our coast. This means a LOT of rainfall and flooding over a few days.

If your pool is still open, we recommend opening automatic covers so heavy rain can fill the pool and not your closed cover which could become severely damaged.

We also recommend this because, should your area lose power, the cover will be “stuck” closed. A sump pump cannot keep up with this volume of rainfall- especially if power is out.

(If you have a Grando style automatic pool cover which drains off into pool, your decision to leave it open or closed should be based on the risk of wind-blown branches or debris which could damage your cover.)

Yes, your pool will get messy and filled with leaves. This is a preferrable outcome to a severely damaged auto cover. Leaves and branches can be scooped and picked out of the pool afterwards.

3) If you can winterize your pool before the storm arrives, do it!

4) Water table issues: Pools located in areas where ground water can surge should NOT be pumped too low. It is not the end of the world if your pool overflows! Consider the following:

An overflowing pool is preferrable to an opened hydrostatic relief valve (which requires a diver to re-set). Hydrostat valves can pop and become stuck open when water table surges up and above water level inside pool. It’s just not a good idea to remove large amounts of water to “make room” for the heavy rains. You are putting your pool at risk.

Normal levels of winter pool chemicals are diluted during heavy rains and will  NOT cause damage to grass or gardens this time of year. Chlorine dissipates rapidly on the ground. Don’t worry about your pool over flowing during heavy downpour.

There is a real risk of floating a swimming pool or buckling the shell if it is left empty or partially empty. Leave pool at normal winter water levels (between bottom of tile and no lower than 11″ below bottom of tile.)

5) Contact your pool service professional for special situations or if you are unclear what to do.

6) For downed trees and property damage- please feel free to contact us if you are in our area.

Our service team specializes in storm clean-up. Rest assured we will keep an eye on things.

If you have a significant amount of landscape soil wash into your pool- call us to assess the situation. It may be we can save the water. In some heavy wash-in situations we will need to drain and clean out the pool.

For those of you on the coast- just let your pool fill up as rains increase. Your pool structure is safest when full should a wave come ashore or there be severe high tides.

For now, we pray our customers are safe and their homes protected from trees, high winds and floods.

Call if you need anything!

Bob and the service team at Glen Gate Company