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Your Pool Is A Giant Petrie Dish! (and other revelations to help you through hot weather…)

Bob Russell | June 1, 2013 in Uncategorized | Comments (0)


The purpose of your pool’s “sanitizer” is to keep your pool sanitary. Another way of putting this: Sterile. Void of microscopic life. Safe for swimmers; AND, pleasant to be in!

Yes, you can have it all!

Plant life OR animal life should NOT be able to live or multiply in a pool. An unsanitary pool is both unhealthy to be in and usually unpleasant to look at.

It amazes me how many times I am asked about “chlorine-free” pools or even “sanitizer-free…” I simply know of none. Your pool and spa are not like your local stream, pond or lake- these “ecosystems” have a natural balance.
Your pool or spa is more like a petrie dish- a sterile environment with available food. Add a life form to a petrie dish and we know what happens, and fast. Your sanitizer keeps things “sterile.”

What MOST pool owners are looking for when they speak of “chlorine-free” or “alternative sanitizer” is a swimming experience that is lovely to all their senses, safe for the children; and of course, okay for the family dog to drink from.
This is a pool that is both balanced AND sanitary.

If your eyes are irritated- your chemistry is NOT right. Don’t throw out the chlorine! Balance the pool properly! Oxidize the ammonia!

We will address this in more detail in a future blog.

Perhaps, you just need to find a service firm that knows how to provide water that is delightful to be in.

If you would like a better experience in the water, we’d be happy to help.