Service – Don’t Build A Pool Without It.

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Today, dependability is often at or near the top of the list in all our major purchases.

Many of the pools built today are complex.:

The pool pictured above has a raised spa and two filter systems. The pool pictured below has a raised spa, a waterslide and  a sophisticated sanitization system. BOTH pool/spa combinations have remote controls.

Like the high-tech “Smart Home” or the latest model car, today’s state-of-the-art pools require trained and licensed service companies and technicians to keep them in top form.

Pools in the Northeast are typically open for 5-6 months and closed for 6 to 7 months. In spite of this, the owners of both of these pools will tell you it is definitely worth it!

Beautiful pools like these require “beautiful” engineering. You may not think much about pumps, filters, heaters or remotes when you see a pool like this, but, I can tell you from experience, if there are equipment problems, or if the pool was not designed well hydraulically, you WILL think about them… and, a lot!

My job is to think about such things at the planning stage so a pool/spa Owner doesn’t have to think about it later. A residential pool is for recreation, family fun and peaceful relaxation. It shouldn’t be a headache or a distraction.

Low Maintenance- Easy To Use:

The “heart” of  the pool pictured below is nestled neatly beneath the house and sits on an equipment pad approximately 4′ X 12′. The equipment was selected, designed and built by service people. Smart move.

My first piece of advice is basic-  so basic it might be overlooked:

When selecting a Designer and Builder for your pool, of course you will look for great design and excellent construction credentials… but also, find a company with a strong service foundation. When Designers and Construction and Service people put their heads together, you will find that the end results are far superior to other one or two dimensional companies.

This is where the king swims daily before  meeting heads of state

This pool and spa is located in West Harrison, New York area.

In future blogs, I will be writing about various aspects of pools and spas in the Northeast and what it takes to get the most enjoyment from them- things a pool Owner will find helpful.

Please feel free to ask pool and spa related questions in the “comment” section below. We will be adding a Q&A section in future “waterblogs.”

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