Opening A Crystal Clear Pool- Part 2

Bob Russell | April 29, 2011 in Uncategorized | Comments (0)

In the 70′s folks often allowed their pools to turn green- not bothering to prepare them or protect from algae growth. They would look like this when opened, or worse. Such pools were typically drained, acid washed and re-filled.

In the 1980′s, we learned to conserve water. Throwing away 35,000 gallons of water every Spring became unthinkable! …and during the drought of 2002, it was illegal!


The pool industry has come a long way! What is the secret to opening a clear pool and conserving water?

Before answering this question, I should mention that [unfortunately] there are still pool owners and service firms that haven’t quite learned how to do this, or worse, they don’t think it’s important. The above picture was taken in early April this year.  This was not a foreclosure home and the landscapers did not get fertilizer in the pool.

Opening a pool quickly and getting the water to this condition should typically take 3-5 days (or less) if the pool was prepared properly for closing.

Point: The art and science of opening a crystal clear pool begins with closing the pool properly.

Easy Steps:

1) Balance the water before closing. 2) Close the pool CLEAN 3) Use a stain and scale preventer. 4) Float slow-dissolving sanitizer in the pool- use enough, and anchor them in the center.

There are some other important details, but that’s basically it.

Point: Cutting corners on the pool closing does not just produce stains, finish degredation and a frustrating and lengthy pool opening. It can lead to a massive waste of clear, clean water- a precious resource.

More to come! Stay tuned.

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